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Tips on re-energizing your workforce

Tips on re-energizing your workforceImage Credit: Supplied

Motivated employees can make all the difference in a company. There are several areas that can help increase motivation including positive recognition, role models, development programs, perks and a healthy workforce.

Positive recognition or reinforcement is a simple way to motivate the workforce by rewarding desirable behavior to strengthen a particular behavior and increase patterns of desired behavior. Positive recognition shapes behaviors and enhances an employee’s motivation. A Towers Watson report in 2010 strongly linked the power of recognition used by superiors to employee engagement and improved motivation.

Role models boost motivation. Positive role models personify imaginable desired selves that people can realistically aspire to become (Wayment and Carrillo, 1996). When done properly, getting a speaker who sits within your organization and has grown within the company can be great for current employees.

Programs that develop employees can be really helpful when it comes to motivation. For example, development programs not only ''develop'' employees but also show commitment from the company. Other simple initiatives that require no budget would include mentorship programs which are easy to implement.

Office ''perks'' could be in the form of financial incentives but these do not have to be purely financial. They could include casual days at the office, handwritten notes and office parties. In a survey conducted by CareerBuilder (2013) that assessed 3,900 full time workers, it was found that 26 percent of workers said that providing special perks was an effective way to improve employee retention.

Keeping your workforce healthy is important. Fit and active individuals are more able to cope with stressors. Consider providing employees with corporate gym rates and office sports activities, among others.

Handy Hints:

• Encourage your workforce to get fit through sports activities

• Reward desirable behaviors of employees to up their morale

• Implement office perks such as casual days for excellent work

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Source: Nicola Turner, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Organizational Psychologist, HRI&C