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Why firms need to leverage diversified workforce

Firms need to leverage diversified workforceImage Credit: Supplied

Many management workshops harp upon sessions like ''Out of the Box Thinking'' or ''Thinking Big.'' The drive is consistent across boardrooms to emphasize the need to outsmart the competition.

One way of making teams perform differently is by fostering a culture of thinking differently. To fulfill this, many firms resort to a revolutionized hiring process vis-à-vis conventional recruitment procedures. For this, they draw a profile of balanced employee mix encouraging diversified sourcing of manpower.

When traditional organizations look for talent with remarkable experience, the above approach facilitates organizations to modify their placement norms. They redefine the criteria for hiring. Instead of sticking to ''hands-on experience,'' revolutionary firms scout for professionals with overall competencies to run organizations effectively.

These organizations argue that traditional hiring limits the employees to operate with preconceived thoughts. On the other hand, an employee from a totally non-related field can explore the market dynamics efficiently and courageously with a ''no fear'' factor and offer constructive suggestions for organizational growth.

Nevertheless, despite having a diversified employee profile, many organizations still fail to leverage their strengths. Unless senior leadership believes the effectiveness of this model, this will remain a ritual.

In traditional organizations, leaders groom their junior lot just like themselves, pressing set practices into their minds. If the new inductee adopts this model quickly, he will be branded as a quick learner and rewarded appropriately. On the other hand, if someone challenges the existing practices and comes out with new approaches, the organization dominated with traditional mindset usually never accommodates the new ideas, making diversified employment ineffective.

If organizations want to be more results-driven, this area needs to be effectively and efficiently exercised.

Handy Hints:

• Diversified employment eliminates a monotonous work culture

• Firms should foster ''out of the box thinking'' culture to grow

• Leaders should be flexible in hiring talent from different fields

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Source: Rashkin Robins, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Business Development Manager, Global Composites, RAK