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Why the need to link training to results

Why the need to link training to resultsImage Credit: Supplied

Just like the recruitment manager is responsible for all the hiring needs of the organization, similarly the training manager is responsible for the skills and business competencies of the organization – acquiring, maintaining and enhancing them.

Since the repository of the skills/competencies are people, a training manager's job becomes difficult without employee cooperation and systems to measure the changes happening in every workstation. In getting them to sign up for a program, or in applying whatever they have learnt, the impact will be visible in the results delivered by the employees.

However, to see them, there is a need to put comprehensive systems in place. Lack of results does not indicate ineffective training, it only indicates a failure of the business measurement system to capture the results.

And for the training manager to do this effectively, it is important that he/she has an overall view of the business, growth drivers and job design.

The system can fail on multiple counts: it only measures financial results; there is no linkage between the skills required and results; the employee is not clear on the objectives of the training; there is no linkage between the expectations of the department/business and individual employee; the program content is not relevant.

Many times, the program covers too much content which could result in the employee being unable to devote time to applying whatever he/she has learnt. Therefore, it is important that proper systems be put in place to: link learning to business/career growth needs; link application to all the parameters of department performance; implement learning; and measure.

Handy Hints:

• Lack of results indicates a failure of the measurement system

• Proper systems can link learning to business needs and others

• Training managers must have view of growth drivers, job design

Source: Geet Mala Jalota, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is an Independent HR Trainer and Consultant