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Working with others in a harmonious way

Working with others in a harmonious wayImage Credit: Supplied

Different working styles can be a source of conflict. If you are in charge of putting a team together, it is important that you understand the various working styles to create the best team and delegate roles effectively. If you are part of a team, you can learn to work better with others if you understand working styles. There are four dominant working styles: action, analysis, vision and connection.

• Action – People in this category are about getting things done. They are goal-driven but can skip necessary forethought or miss the bigger picture. They are decisive and detail-oriented. Their success is important, while others' feelings are not.

• Analysis – In this, people love learning and research. They are strategic thinkers, but can have a hard time coming to a conclusion. They like to work alone and like to be right, but are not risk-takers.

• Vision – People with this style see the big picture and inspire others to see it, too. They get bored with details, are often spontaneous and enjoy working with others, and need plenty of acknowledgement.

• Connection – People who have this style build relationships and cohesion among team members. They dislike conflicts and want to be liked, but they lack self-direction.

Each style is essential to a productive team. Without action, nothing would get done. Without analysis, terrible decisions can occur. Without vision, everyone is just doing busy work. Without connection, the team is continually splintered.

Action players can improve their work environment if they slow down, consider feelings, and allow creative thoughts. Analytics can do well by presenting their reasoning, emphasising relationships and thinking of the big picture. Visionaries can improve by breaking their vision down into specific goals and harnessing the abilities of others. Connectors can work better by developing a thicker skin and paying attention to detail.

Handy Hints:

• The four working styles are action, analysis, vision, connection

• Each style is essential for a team to work and be productive

• Understanding each style allows you to create the best team

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