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Interview Guides

Five tips on how to get the job you want

Tackle the job application process with flying colours

Asking questions at a job interview

This might be the only time when you’re in charge of directing the conversation

What to tell your employers about your salary history

You can even go as far as requesting that this is not used to determine future pay or benefits

How to ace the job interview

Hiring managers likely will gauge your interest in the job by looking at what you explicitly say as well as what you show in terms of enthusiasm and responsiveness

Make sure to back up any claims put on paper

Not doing so is the easiest way to fall foul of hiring managers in job interviews

To be or not to be a team player

Be quite sure about where your preferences lie in a workplace

The little details that matter in any interview

It is as important to maintain the niceties after the process

Use exit interviews sensibly

Venting negative feelings cannot be a productive exercise

Reading the warning signs at job interviews early on

Judge them on their merit and decide whether to pursue the option or not

Navigating multicultural hazards

In globalised business environments such as that of the UAE, people are used to standard business etiquette