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How to get feedback after an interview

How to get feedback after an interviewImage Credit: Supplied

The endless wait for a phone call following an interview is a huge source of frustration for jobseekers. They are not the only ones who find this frustrating; recruiters often feel the same way when working with some organisations.

Despite the conversation not always being comfortable, giving a constructive feedback is crucial. As a hiring manager, it is never a waste of your time to be honest about the professionals you interview. A good recruiter will take on board your feedback and use that knowledge to present you the perfect candidate the next time you come to hire.

If you are a jobseeker who has reached the first interview stage for multiple roles but have never been offered a job, it may be beneficial to review your interview technique. It is time to be brave and ask for feedback.

Common mistakes may include:

• Not showing you have researched the company or the role

• Poor communication and body language

• Being too informal or showing a lack of enthusiasm

• An inability to demonstrate your skills when responding to competency based questions

You may be making the same mistake in every interview or it could just be down to a lack of a particular skills set. Only feedback will give you the answer. This will lead to more self-discovery, allowing you to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.

Your mission should be to seek constructive criticism and when you get it, use it. If you ever become a hiring manager yourself one day, make sure to proactively pass on feedback.

Handy Hints:

• Post-interview feedback must be taken as a learning process

• During feedback, listen more than talk; avoid being defensive

• Send a thank you note to the company for giving you feedback

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Source: James Collin, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Financial Services Recruiter, Cobalt