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Making a great first impression

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Interviews are a chance to understand more about an organization and sell your skills and abilities. It is, thus, important to be well-prepared prior to the interview. Here are some pointers for you to leave a good impression.

Do your homework – Make sure to conduct thorough research on the company. Look at its webpage, quarterly reports and blog posts. Understand the company’s goals fully and take note of any questions based on your research and mention these during the interview. Role playing and practicing with someone else as the interviewer, or in front of a mirror helps build your confidence significantly.

Punctuality is important – This is true in a situation when so much is on the line. Plan to arrive a few minutes early, allowing flexibility for possible delays in traffic.

Appearance matters – Even before you have had the chance to discuss your experience, you have already been judged on your appearance, posture and clothing. Present yourself appropriately; it is known that dressing well makes a difference. Dress according to the organization and its culture. Most interviews require a suit or a formal attire.

Captivate the interviewer – The majority of interviews start in a similar way, such as “walk me through your resume.” Devise an initial statement or story that will captivate the interviewer. Stories should be structured around how and where you are presently. Chances are, we all have had experiences that can be linked to where we are currently and where we are aiming to go. When the interviewer asks specific questions, answer them in a direct-to-the-point way. You might like to use the following format: (a) problem/obstacle, (b) action taken, (c) result.

Say “Thank you” – Make sure to thank the interviewer for his time after the interview and follow it up with a “thank you” email. Thanking the interviewer is not only polite, but also demonstrates a sincere interest in the position and the organization.

Handy Hints
• Do a thorough research on the firm before the actual interview
• Dress appropriately according to the company and its culture
• Thank the interviewer and follow it up with a “thank you” email

Source: Nicola Turner, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is Organization Psychologist, HRI&C