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What makes you employable?

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What each employer wants from their perfect candidate varies tremendously from company to company. However, basic employability skills are as important to your new potential boss as the right qualifications and experience in today’s competitive job market.

Some of the basic employability skills include:

• Enthusiasm – Be enthusiastic about the opportunity you face. Ensure you show genuine interest about the company, its line of business, any current presence in the press and the role you are being interviewed for.

• Communication skills – Your ability to effectively communicate in an engaging and intelligent manner is fundamental to you securing the job you want. Consider your body language as non-verbal communication is crucial in creating a strong first impression. Make eye contact, avoid slouching, smile and nod to show interest when you are being interviewed.

• Leadership – Demonstrate your commercial awareness and strategic thinking and highlight previous examples of successful projects you have led, or people management scenarios you have addressed in the past.

• Teamwork – Every employer needs to be certain you can work well as part of a team and that you can work effectively with the rest of the business. Share examples of projects where you have had to collaborate with another department, or develop rapport with colleagues.

• Technical ability – Be prepared to explain the technicalities of your current position and whether you meet all the requirements of the role you are applying for. If you are not experienced in a particular software package, it is best to highlight this so any training needs can be established from the outset.

Be honest about your skills, your experience and your ability to do the job. Most of all, be positive!


Handy Hints

• Employers need people with leadership and technical skills

• Recruiters are interested in candidates’ personal attributes

• Highlight strengths in CV, cover letter and interview answers

Source: Abby Weetman, Special to Jobs & Careers

The writer is Finance & Accounting Recruiter, Cobalt Recruitment