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Job Search Guides

Looking for a job while working

You must become efficient in how to juggle both without compromising one

Understand what hiring managers are looking for

Some research and planning can help you come up with a realistic understanding

Seeds of future lie in the past

Success at your current job is likely to get you noticed not only by your employer, but by competitors, clients and business contacts

When is the right time to take a job?

It is important that you always pursue a new job as soon as possible after losing one

Pitching for a lower-level job

A job that is slightly below your qualifications but offers better lifework balance may be attractive

Don't dangle potential job offers to get more

Candidates may end up not being taken seriously if overdone

When more than one position opens up

Candidates must be averse to blanketing potential employers with resumes

Skip any overselling of yourself in the resume

Superimposing of facts can create a backlash against your candidature

Don’t rush in with sending the resume

Chances are that you could overlook the little details that count

Avoiding distractions while on a job search

Delay the process altogether if caught in a personal or professional bind