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Jobs & Careers: Real estate agent – a lucrative career option

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The real estate industry provides a rewarding career opportunity for talented people. There are many advantages of working in the real estate industry as an agent.

One major reason that many real estate agents cite for joining the real estate industry is the crucial role they play in one of the most important decisions in the life of an individual – getting a home of his own.

A real estate agent plays the crucial role of facilitating this process. Unlike many other professions, a real estate agent deals directly with the decision maker. In most cases, there are no intermediaries, and this aids in the decision-making process.

A real estate agent focusing on the commercial segment gets ample opportunities to meet and interact with high-net-worth individuals who are leaders and well-established in their chosen field. This provides ample scope to enhance the caliber of the professional realtor.

Variety is the spice of life and that is a major factor in the career path of a real estate agent. Each day is different with different opportunities, different challenges and dealings with diverse people. Thus, there is no monotony associated with the job. Yet another important aspect is the flexibility that is part of the job.

A real estate agent gets to work around his own schedule. He can plan his work schedule according to his as well as his client’s convenience. And last but not the least, the job is highly rewarding for those who are willing to walk that extra mile and show results.

The industry provides ample opportunities to earn a reasonably good amount of money and enhance one’s standard of living. Earnings tend to increase as one gains experience and contacts.

Handy Hints
• A real estate agent gets ample opportunities to meet HNWIs
• Each day is a different challenge thus, there is no monotony
• An agent can tailor his schedule according to his client’s needs


Source: Suraj Rajshekar, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is General Manager - Freehold Properties Division, Rocky Real Estate