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Where to start when choosing a recruiter

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In the UAE, there are approximately 100 registered recruitment agencies. If you are looking for your next job opportunity and would like to use the services of a recruiter, below are the recommended points to take into consideration before you start contacting one of them:

• Agency reputation – Check their history, the roles they work on and the clients they deal with.

• Registration interview – A good recruiter would conduct an initial conversation with you, either via phone or face to face, with the objective of gaining more understanding of your skills and experience, and what you are looking for in your next role.

• Recruitment fee – It is illegal in this country for a recruiter to charge their candidates any fee for their services.

• Job brief – A recruiter should brief you about their client, the role, salary, responsibilities and other details you need to help you decide if you would like them to submit your CV.

• Clear approach – A good recruiter will send you an email about information that has been shared with you to maintain transparency and consistency.

• Values your time – A good recruiter will not force you to attend an interview if they know that the role is not good for you.

Undeniably, recruiters can help you get your CV at the front of the queue as they have direct access to hiring managers and HR departments. But you need to make sure that you are dealing with the correct one – a recruiter that will help you enhance your personal branding and save you time in your job search.

Taking on a new role is a big career move and working with the right recruiter to sell your skills can lead you to the right company.

Handy Hints
• Work with a recruiter to improve your chances of getting a job
• Keep in mind that recruitment agencies do not charge fees
• They help enhance your personal branding during job search

Source: Florendo Padilla, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is  Shared Services Recruiter, Cobalt Recruitment