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Expert Advice: The recruiter’s list of resume nightmares

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Your resume is considered the first knock at the door where you wish to be placed so you get to impress the reader in the first few minutes of opening the document. Here are some mistakes that could prompt recruiters to quickly delete your application:

  • The summary slacker – Many resumes fail to include an executive summary, which instantly makes them boring and daunting to read. A good summary should highlight qualifications and suitability for the job, giving employers a comprehensive overview of your career.
  • The CV crammer – To satisfy their “sense of security,” many candidates cram their CVs with too many experiences and qualifications, sidetracking recruiters from considering their core competencies.
  • The funky formatter – Some candidates think their Excel-modelling skills represent the height of creativity, but they should think twice. Avoid logos, tables, colors, and pie charts. It should be achievements that set candidates apart, not fancy formatting.
  • The redundancy renouncer – If you were laid off and remained out of work for a period, make this clear on your resume rather than leave out an unexplained gap. Recruiters tend to fear the worst if you leave out information.
  • The arrogant applicant – Some candidates try to stand out from the competition, but their resumes often mark them out as arrogant rather than confident. Statements such as: ‘I did X project which contributed half a billion in turnover” when actually the candidate was only one member in a team of 20, might come across as arrogant.
  • The role reverser – No longer in a job that is relevant to the vacancy you’re applying for? Some candidates in your situation will simply not update their resume in the hope that their previous (more relevant) roles will get them an interview. But as the first part of the screening process, a recruiter will often investigate what you’re doing right now so it’s critical to update your resume prior to any application.

Handy Hints

  • Avoid cramping your CV/resume with unnecessary information
  • Ensure you have updated/aligned your resume to job profile
  • CVs with fancy layouts/formats don’t cut it with recruiters


Source: James Randall, Special to Jobs & Careers
The writer is Sales Manager, eFinancial Careers Gulf