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More effective ways to write a CV

Writing an effective CV can indeed be challenging. Here are some additional tips, to help you do it the right way and differentiate yourself from the pack:

If you have a lot to say about your experience, limit job descriptions for up to three positions. “Keep a detailed job description for the last two or three posts held. Any jobs further down the line should be summarized,” said Annlinde Nickisch of The Thought Factory.

Attach a formal picture, to make it more personal and build a good first impression. “Avoid using passport pictures. Instead, go to a photographer and have a professional photo taken,” Nickisch added.

Without going over the top, spice up the CV a bit with logos of big or recognizable companies you’ve worked for. “A recruiter scans an average of 200 CVs per day, so doing things a little different than others is great,” said Nickisch. Keep in mind, though, that some managers don’t like the idea of veering too far away from convention. “Do not use gimmicks such as coloured paper or fonts, or graphics,” advised David Robert of Great Place to Work Institute Gulf.

Include in your CV some hyperlinks to show proof of recommendations and achievements, such as the ones posted on your LinkedIn profile or those found in press releases, You Tube videos and websites of companies you’ve worked for.

Ensure texts are aligned or properly formatted. Keep everything reader-friendly.

Be honest. “Don’t mention languages that you speak only a few words or skills you don’t have,” said Nickisch.


Source: Cleofe Maceda, Senior Reporter,