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RTS Global Partners

RTS Global Partners (RTS) is a Division of RAW LLC and Member of RAW Group, and was officially launched on 30th September 2012, based on the high demand and requests from its trusted network of clients. RAW Group has been established since 2002 in the United Kingdom and expanded to the United Arab Emirates in 2004.

RTS Global Partners is the first company of its type in Africa & Middle East to provide superior executive advisory, management consulting, talent scouting, succession planning and strategic recruitment outsourcing solutions to predominately family-based business groups and conglomerates.

RTS Global Partners and its senior team of professionals have supported hundreds of family-based businesses and conglomerates in Africa and Middle East, ranging from $5m to $1b turnover companies.

RTS Global Partners has supported many family-business groups to make the transition from working IN the business to working ON the business, and focusing more on strategy and developing new ventures to increase their wealth pool. The key is to hire professionals and build the right dream team.

RTS Global Partners also supports' entrepreneurs who want to build fast-growth enterprises, that require the right dream team of professionals.

RTS Global Partners has a variety of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to suit your investment needs and budgets.

RTS Global Partners has a Consulting Division called RAW Talent Scouts, which has a similar DNA to that of a top sports/entertainment agency which scouts for talent, but specifically for the business world and for large family business groups. RAW Talent Scouts now has a talent bank of over 250+ Million Profiles.

>Do you require top talent to grow your business?

>Do you need to build a dream team that blends and works as a world-class team?

>Do you consider succession-planning critical to your business?

>Do you want teams to execute with more predictability and get faster results?

>Do you want to open up new markets in Africa and Middle East?

If you answered YES to any of the above, please send us an email to arrange a conference call or local meeting with an RTS Partner and start to build a trusted relationship with us.

We can then share with you what we do, understand your business better and see where the synergy is.

However, if you have an urgent or critical management position that ‘must’ be filled and are having talent acquisition issues, let’s not waste time and talk immediately. The RTS Consulting Division can help you.

The RTS Consulting Division is not a recruitment agency or traditional recruitment process outsourcing company. We combine cutting-edge technology and tools with a global network of RTS Partners and have created a unique proposition to serve clients, who want the right talent at the right time without paying high fees or compromising on their need to hire A players.

RTS Global Partners operates on a partnership model, with full-time employees in our Consulting Division and Corporate Offices with our back-office teams. Our partners as part of our Adviosry Division, are based around the world and service clients throughout Africa and the Middle East region.

RTS Global Partners is looking to expand into 22 countries by 2022 by attracting new RTS Partners and servicing hundreds of clients in the region.

RTS Global Partner’s prime purpose, is to proactively support clients to grow their business by hiring A-Players to build their high-performing dream-teams, by utilizing our superior advisory and consulting solutions, that will dramatically reduce both their cost- and time-to-hire top talent and teams. 

Our Premium Portfolio of Services & Solutions ::

(A) RTS Executive Advisory Division :: Solution Menu :: Delivered by a Network of Global Partners:

  • F.O.B./V.I.P./S.T.A.T.E. Methodology Implementation: A proven framework to drive strategic alignment and develop family business group structures, to ensure all board of directors are on the same page and sign-off on the key trophies (linked to vision, intention and purpose) that the company must achieve both short-term, medium-term and long-term.
  • Executive DNA Profiling: A superior talent DNA profiling system to help the owners, directors and all entire senior management understand their inner natural talents, acquired skills and natural weaknesses and how these are blended into our master dream-team model, clearly showing the gaps as a group/company.
  • Dream Team Assessments: A process to grade A, B & C players linked to high performance, driving decisions to retain, re-deploy, blend, develop or depart individual talent and teams; pushing the group/company to higher levels.
  • Succession Planning: A method to define the succession plan for the owners, directors and entire senior management to ensure business continuity, growth, exit plans and avoid any critical gaps in the future.
  • R.O.I./R.O.P.E. Business Reviews: A robust process to drive alignment and accountability for every business unit and department in the group/company, which supports decision making, provides clarity, opens-up communication and provides a trusted channel to drive superior results for all individuals and dream teams.
  • Expansion Strategies: A program to benchmark excellence in your sector(s) and implement private customer conclaves/forums to drive innovation and new ventures, linked to strategic sales/live-marketing campaigns. This can also integrate with our new RTS Ventures Division (Investment Fund/Equity/Marketplace solutions).

(B) RTS Management Consulting Division :: Solution Menu :: Delivered by a Network of Global Consultants:

  • Talent Pipeline Planning: A method to plan all the talent requirement for the next 3, 6, 9, 12 to 24 months; mapping out the DNA needed to grow the business. We also can identify critical interim human capital needs.
  • Global Talent Scouting: A technology platform with human intervention used to scout A player talent with access to over 225+ million profiles; we build-up talent folders for every strategic, technical and functional area of your business. We provide a host of high-quality Executive Search & Selection (SAS) solutions.
  • Company-Wide DNA Profiling: A superior talent profiling system delivered as forums/workshops to help the entire workforce understand their natural talents, acquired skills and natural weaknesses and how these can be positioned for optimum performance; advanced solutions available for individual DNA profiling.
  • Dream Team Hiring: A process to interview all new hires with 90% accuracy and advice on blending the right dream teams to achieve accelerated results. We also manage the entire onboarding and probational period.
  • HR & PP-KRA Implementation: A robust HRM (human resource management system) and PMS (performance management system called PP-KRA) linked to income producing activities (IPA’s) and aligning the entire workforce from owners, directors and senior management down to every employee on the ground level.
  • Transformational Seminars: A series of Family MBA workshops, research based Executive Forums and culture-based personal development master-classes, designed to upgrade inner belief-systems and develop world-class thinking for the entire group/company. 


We blend our executive advisory and management consulting services and solutions into one master RTS Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a tailored ad-hoc or rolling monthly or rolling quarterly fee plan to suit your business needs.

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